About us

Since 2007, MHD Productions has pioneered online hairdressing training and is now recognised as the leading force in the industry. Our mission is to bring our unique knowledge and experience of online vocational training and delivery into new sectors. We believe in education and in a world where knowledge and skills are increasingly important, we help people to progress their careers, realise their dreams and improve their lives.

From a core of team of just five people at inception to a full time staff of 20 plus full support from freelancers and industry experts, we have extended our portfolio to deliver e-blended vocational learning for any industry at a national and international level.

Our team

Mark Butcher

Managing Director

As an experienced entrepreneur and marketer Mark was an original co-founder of Myhairdressers.com in 2007, and took over as MD in 2010, introducing the International Licensing Programme. By 2013, his hands-on and strategic approach had massively increased global subscriptions and revenue and, with the launch of MHDAcademy.com, placed our unique form of standardised education into over 75% of colleges in the UK. Mark is behind the restructuring of MHD Productions and spends much of his time travelling internationally and introducing new business into the company.

Barry Bashford

Finance Director

Serial entrepreneur and investor Barry Bashford owns and has sold a variety of business in his 40-year career. Barry was a co-founder and investor of the original Myhardressers.com in 2007 and became Finance Director in 2011with a commitment to saving the failing company. His firm financial control was pivotal in resurrecting the company’s fortunes and he since overseen the company’s growth and financial stability as the company has tripled its staff, expanded internationally and introduced ambitious and groundbreaking new products on time and within budget

Sarah Oglesby

Director of Quality Assurance

Our Director of Quality Assurance, Sarah Oglesby is a key figure on the City & Guilds National Advisory Committee for Hairdressing, working to raise industry training standards and ensure the UK is a world leader in the quality of hairdressing skill and knowledge attainment. Sarah uses her expertise in educational management, outstanding teaching and learning, programme delivery, blended e-learning platform development and delivery to raise international standards through unique consultancy projects for international clients, institutions and educational bodies with custom MHD products that meet the needs of their national training outcomes.