MHD Productions is pleased to present an exciting new advertising opportunity to capitalise on the MHD Product Portfolio and reach your target market of hairdressing professionals in the UK.

In 2016 MHD and will launch with a newly developed platform, set to take advantage of the growth of video advertising across desktop and mobile devices with a fully integrated high definition video player incorporating pre-roll advertising before our tutorials start, giving you the power to reach our growing number of site visitors and subscribers.

Video is emerging as one of the top digital advertising formats on desktop and mobile. Mobile will be the biggest driver of digital-video ad spends over the next few years.

Advertisers are rushing to snap up video ad spots as video viewership increases on mobile devices. It’s estimated that mobile video ad revenue will grow more than 3x faster than desktop through to 2020. In 2015 MHD achieved over 50% of video views on mobile and this trend is only set to increase. For advertisers this gives unprecedented access to potential buyers at any time of the day.

Video ad revenue


The new platform exploits the growth in video and mobile use to accurately target your core audience with your message, to increase brand awareness, launch a new product or drive traffic to your website.

To discover how our advertising packages can benefit your company and reach more customers contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

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