How it works

If you are interested in becoming a Licensee we have a simple application process. Please fill in our online application form, which we will then review to assess your suitability. If successful, we will then contact you with to discuss the next steps and provide you with a proposal.

Upon signing the agreement we will build a dedicated website for your region, which mirrors the UK version of the site and all technical support and video content will be managed from our UK Headquarters. Your website works equally well on desktop and mobile devices, and with our improved high definition video delivery system our tutorials stream beautifully to compatible large screen TVs for group training sessions.

Your website will have technology to recognise where your visitors are situated to ensure you retain all your local customers. All devices used to access the Internet have a unique IP (Internet Protocol) address, from which we can identify their location and direct them seamlessly to your website.

All visitors in your region will automatically go to your website and all payments are made to your own payment merchant, over which you have full financial control. Local targeted advertising in your region ensures that visitors see the appropriate ads and that your advertisers gain the maximum exposure to their target audience.

Our job is to provide and maintain your website. We will update the videos and support materials and promote them across our global network. If required, our Digital Marketing Team can provide guidance and collaterals for marketing online using Social Media resources, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Search-based marketing via Search Engine Optimisation tactics and Google Ads.

The nature of the web means both the technology and customer behaviour are constantly changing and we will share the latest tactics that have worked for us and other Licensees to help you to grow your business. We provide full technical support and website backend training to enable you to fully utilise and maximise all areas of the business.

Your primary business function will be to build the subscriber base and get hairdressers to use the online resources for their own training needs. You will be expected to combine a variety of aggressive marketing tactics to build brand awareness and generate sales. Your own expertise in this area is paramount, but our Digital Marketing Team is available to advise you.

You will be required to maintain Customer Services through the use of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, including the management of all financial activities.

MHD’s products are originally in the English language, and we offer the option for you to translate the content into your local language.

If you feel that this is the right business for you, please fill out an application form and we contact you to move things forward.

Next steps

Apply to become a licensee