MHD was launched in 2007 as with the specific aim of providing hairdressers with unlimited access to independent and affordable high quality online education to replace expensive workshops and DVD courses.

Filming and releasing a weekly tutorial from a tiny loft studio above a salon in Essex, we slowly built a dedicated following of subscribers using little more than digital search engine optimisation tactics and organic word of mouth. Our disruptive approach challenged the industry and despite no mainstream support we continued to attract respected hairdressers to film for the site. Since its inception, MHD has been the number one destination for online hairdressing training and offers the greatest value with 400 videos available for just £15 per month.

In January 2016 we relaunched with a redesigned website with high definition videos, vastly improved navigation and search functions and social media integration, while still maintaining the high quality and creative seasonal on-trend content demanded by our users.

This easy to run website is perfect for an existing business wanting to add an education based product to its portfolio, and MHD Productions is seeking international licensing partners to launch in their own countries.

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